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D-BROS is a Japanese company formed by graphic designers in Tokyo, D-BROS is a product design project with an emphasis on innovative graphic design. It was launched in 1995.

The D-BROS project has developed and commercialized a wide range of items, including greeting cards and other stationery, clocks and other interior accents, glasses and other kitchen tools.

Design shapes the times. / Design adds joy to people's lives. / Design is fun. / Design is a wellspring of unlimited potential.

Transcending the sphere of graphic design, D-BROS aims to bring a breath of fresh air to product design.

Visit the D-Bros  website

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Hope Forever Blossoming

Hope Forever Blossoming flower Vase Filled with water, an unassuming vinyl envelope is transformed into a fully functional 3D vase. The refraction of light through the water adds to the beauty ... Read More

Sticky Butterflies Memo Pads

Boxed set of Butterfly Stickers Habataki dialogue Realistic paper butteflies to brighten up any environment. Useful for memos, messages, reminders, display notes etc Use the white undersid... Read More

Cup & Saucer

Cup & Saucer Decorative patterns on the saucer reflect into shape on the chromed cup The beautiful cup where the pattern of the saucer becomes reflected on the cups' mirrored surface Co... Read More


Jewelgraphy Seems like the real thing !! Very impessive design concepts create the illusion of reality for this exquisite graphic product A classic Dbros product The jewels even give the impression... Read More

Peace & Piece Greeting Cards

Peace & Piece Greeting Cards Read More

Christmas Jewelgraphy necklace and card

This greeting card does double-duty as a colorful bauble. Highly detailed illustrations printed on sturdy paper resemble jewellery with an outrageous aura of 'bling'! Each link is white-backed to ... Read More

Brooch Ever Lasting

Brooch Ever Lasting - paper inlayed brooch The paper brooch uses inlaying workmanship for the material. Inlaying, carving the other material, is partially inserted into the paper material and is u... Read More

Hands Notebooks

Hands Notebooks 297×210mm A4 sized note book 112 pages Read More

Goethe's Study notebooks

Goethe's Study notebooks Alternating coloured graph paper. The leading edge of the notepad is cut at an angle. This creates the illusion of a different colour which is printed onto the leading edge i... Read More

Kitchen Land

Read More

Notebook Line

Notebook Line Note Pad with bold graphically printed pages Read More

Paper chips letter set

Paper chips letter set stationery Matching complimentary set consisting of Single set of 1 x paper + 1 x envelope for that very special ocassion It is appearance of the letter set which was desce... Read More

Fog circus

Fog circus Lace paper decoration Can be used as either a beautiful centre table decoration or window accessory The patterns are seen and printed on both sides of the lace paper Everyth... Read More

Hotel Butterfly - sticky butterfly pads

Hotel Butterfly - sticky butterfly pads These memo tags are part of a series of stationary products that take the form of hotel amenities from an imaginary highland resort called HOTEL BUTTERFLY. T... Read More

Hotel Butterfly - door plate

Hotel Butterfly - door plate To leave messages for others in your family or elsewhere - eg please do not disturb or please clean your room or out of printer paper. The cardboard message card of ... Read More

Hotel Butterfly - paper placemats

Hotel Butterfly - paper placemats This luncheon mat is used for special persons with the meal at Hotel Butterfly. Letting the butterflies wings stand upright, it appears that the butterfly is re... Read More

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