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DATE: 2005
STATUS: Not Available



Transglass is a collection of glassware made from recycled wine and beer bottles.
The idea is to re-use exsiting materials.

We take away, we appropriate, we transform.

Hard, sharp, clean forms, original colours as found within the bottles, allowing us to express our positive attitude towards the environment.

TranSglass is one of Artecnica's "Design with Conscience" projects that has gone from concept to market.

The protagonists for this project are the Guatemalan Artisan group that have collected, molded and perfected the processes necessary to cut and polish these glass bottles to thier user state.
Literally turning garbage into a work of superior craftsmanship and design.

Artecnica thank AID to Artisan for discovering thier amazing talent and introducing them to Artecnica

Due to the recycled and hand crafted of this project, products will vary slightly in size, appearance and colour.

Colours are presorted into shades of green, clear and brown by the Artisans only.

the tranSglass project is part of our DESIGN WITH CONSCIENCE campaign which aims to use design to foster humanitarian and environmental causes around the world. A project that was only a concept a few years ago and that has taken a lot of effort to go from the conceptual level to a series of full-fledged marketable products.

The tranSglass bottles were designed several years ago by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden and sponsored this year by Artecnica for production within its DWC program due to their recycled nature and their adaptability to specialized craft production. With the help of Lori Grey of Aid to Artisans, this amazing project was assigned to a Guatemalan artisan craft shop which is creating work for 22 artisans (as confirmed by Ian Gonzalez, the entrepreneurial manager that partnered with Artecnica in creating this project in Guatemala City). The artisans were prior to this unemployed or performing as laborers. They have now learned a craft and take extreme pride in their ability to cut and polish the tranSglass bottles

into art pieces. We are proud to be able to contribute toward a better future for them and their families in Guatemala.

We also regard as very special the support that the local community has Extended to us to welcome the project and to make it possible. We would like to mention Ian Gonzalez, Silvia Moreira of Agexpront (the Guatemalan Non-traditional Products' Exporter's Association), Yolanda Nochez, the tireless glass recycler that provides most of the bottles for the project, Jake Denburg of "Jake's", (recently voted the best restaurant in Central America), who has donated all his empty bottles during 2005, and all the artisans listed below.

The project has received great attention from top retailers around the world, among them the Museum of Modern Art NY, which is not only making the product available to the public through its retail outlets but has included the tranSglass designs in their prestigious MOMA NY design collection.

Artisans list:
Giovani Esteban, Carlos Perez, Emmanuel Esteban, Manfer Esteban, Brenda Esteban,
Darwin Lopez, Arturo Merida, Cesar Arroche Marroquin, Alex Montenegro, Osman Lopez, Ana Altan, Jenny Valenzuela, Idalia Davila, Edwin Barrios Peralta, Aracely Corso, Ramiro Ceballos, Lesvin Ceballos, Paola Rivas, Carmen Sic, Wendy Pineda, Vilma Gomez, Luis Fernando Cac.


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