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Bash Square Silver

A hand-beaten bowl in Silver-plated brass with a pleasing matt finish. Can be used as an extravagant fruit bowl or as a contemporary sculpture. Each piece is unique. Technical Details Made from soli... Read More

Bash Vessels - Gold

Appropriately named, Bash vessels are formed from a single brass sheet and hammered into shape by hand, creating an expressive crumpled form, available in lavish gold and silver. The silver wash softe... Read More

Beat Vessels

A big, bold, expressive floor vase handcrafted using the traditional, rapidly vanishing skills of master craftsmen from India. Beat Vessel - Tall Dimensions - Diameter: 25cm, Height: 109cm Beat Ves... Read More

Block Watch

A series of three watches made from brass, stainless steel and rose gold with a deep etched dial, a crystal face and Swiss movement. Each watch is laser etched with its own unique number. Available i... Read More

Brew Collection

BREW CAFETIERE A proper cup of coffee in a proper copper coffee pot. Tall and tactile with futuristic art deco looks, the Brew cafetiere is precision-engineered to ensure smooth and easy plunging and... Read More

Cell Tea Light Holder

A photo etched tea-light holder. The geometric pattern, etched onto the pentagon structure, casts a web of complex shadows when lit.  Made from photo etched brass, hand assembled. Availa... Read More


Chop Long is a long chopping board milled from solid oak with a soft curved edge detail. The long shape makes this board ideal for bread or as a decorative charcuterie board. Chop Long features a&nb... Read More

Cog Collection

COG CANDELABRA A super functional machined metal candelabra which holds four tapered candles. Champions the age of British engineering and brings precision manufacturing to the home. Creating a sense... Read More

Cog Pens and Pencils

New addition to the much-loved cog family. A super-functional mechanical pencil inspired by great British engineering and made from solid brass.  The Cog family brings precision manufacturing t... Read More

Collector Candle London

This special edition of Tom Dixon’s bestselling London candle aromatically captures the capital in a scent built from the red brick of its buildings, the crocuses and nettles of its parks and th... Read More

Cube Collection

The paperless office was an interesting dream, as was the idea that everything would move online and life would be lived through the screen - but we know that people still cherish an analogue life - t... Read More

Elements Collection

ELEMENTS SCENT MEDIUM/LARGE FIRE Fire is the rough scent of smokey, scorched and charred woods.  Fusing cypriol oil, guaiac wood, amber and musk to sophisticated effect.  A celebration of t... Read More

Form Bowl Deep

Handmade dishes beaten, bashed and hammered into shape from fine sheets of brass Finished with a matt black exterior, each bears the hand beaten signature of its maker.  Designed in London. Han... Read More

Form Bowl Set - Gold

Form Bowl Set is nest of five delicate dishes. Sculpted from fine sheets of brass and finished with a gold wash. Much needed sophisticated glamour for the pared down modern table setting. Dimensio... Read More

Form Bowl Tall

Handmade dishes beaten, bashed and hammered into shape from fine sheets of copper. Finished with a matt black exterior, each bears the hand beaten signature of its maker.  Designed in London. Ha... Read More

Oil Collection

OIL CANDLE LARGE A mysterious multi-coloured vessel contains a powerful refreshing blast of woody essential oils. With its melted edge and dented forms, no container is the same, the light refracti... Read More

Materialism Alloy

Sharp clean and light, the Alloy range scent and the metal share common core characteristics. A woody fragrance, created exclusively for Tom Dixon, blending vibrant wood notes with cool metallic face... Read More

Materialism Stone Collection

Each candle container is made from forest green marble and hand turned in India. Each piece is unique due to the particularities of each individual block of marble. This forms the optimum vessel for ... Read More

Etch Tealight Holder (Wood)

A digitally manufactured tea light holder etched from metal. Finely etched holes in the metallic sheet give the illusion of a textured wood surface. When lit, the organic pattern etched onto the penta... Read More

Materialism Gift Set

The Materialism Gift Set contains 4 mini versions of the Materialism Candle Collections - Oil, Quartz, Stone and Alloy. Four small vessels, each with its own distinctive scent and finish relating bac... Read More

Offcut Stools

A set of chunky, waney edge oak or birch components gives the owner the satisfaction of constructing their own stool by hammering the joins together with wooden dowels to make a solid long lastin... Read More

Orbit Trays

A set of circular trays nested within one another, available in small or large sizes and two finishes. Each tray is made from one sheet of solid brass, pressed into a mould, then plated. Comes in go... Read More

Plane Table Lamp

Plane table light is characterised by its simplicity and bold geometry: basic silhouettes made from a brass plated steel frame and a double layered white glass sphere. Plane is an exercise in expressi... Read More

Pylon Collection

A sculptural collection of objects inspired by bridges and electricity pylons. Made from hand-welded copper-plated steel rod creating a lightweight yet structurally strong centrepiece. Technical Deta... Read More

Eclectic Scented Candles

Royalty, London and Orientalist are three candles created to capture the essence of the travelling, trading and nostalgic past with the vibrant future of British life.Each candle is contained withi... Read More

Spin Candelabra Table

Taking its construction from the robust components of bridges and engines from the Victorian era, the Spin Table Candelabra is an inverted mobile, a revolution (literally) in candlesticks. Made fro... Read More

Spun Vase Collection

Spun Vase Trio: An elegantlytrio of copper vases to be used as an extravagant flower vase or contemporary sculpture. H295 × W270 × D270mm An elegantly tall copper vase to be used as an ... Read More

Stone & Brass Candle Holders

These candle holders can be used on both ends, holding a variety of candle shapes and sizes. Each piece features a brass logo disk on its base. Available in two sizes, Short and Tall. Dimensions: ... Read More

Stone Mortar & Pestle

A weighty block of marble and brass to smash, pummel and grind spices and herbs. H110 × W210 × D210mm       Read More

Stone Serving Board

A slab serving board. Made from white morwad marble with a brass saucer for crumbs or dips. Read More

Tank Collection

A series of glassware accessories made from mouth-blown glass. Heavy and generously proportioned objects sand-blasted with our logo on the base. Technical Details Made from mouth-blown glass. Each... Read More

Tool Set

Tool THE GOLDEN RULE: The ultimate desk tool. A solid brass ruler with durable etched markings and our heritage logo. H1 × W335 × D32mm Tool THE CLIP: A set of six paperclips etched ... Read More

Warp Collection

WARP is a mouth-blown cylinder or semi-sphere is distorted, squashed and deformed whilst the glass is in a molten state. The mysterious iridescent finish is then applied by hand and the vessel re-fir... Read More


Wonderland candleholders conjure a surreal Alice in Wonderland world of escape. Fashioned from a deft balancing act of figurines that support a candle holder atop the stack, Wonderland is constructed... Read More

Surprise Surprise

'Surprise Surprise' wall light shade is the the quintessential gift with a surrealistic and familiar appearance, designed to make you smile…this wall lamp with its exciting silver reflective fi... Read More

Garland Light shade

Garland is a Light Shade Polished metal pendant light. Finish = brass, silver, rust patina, black chrome Maximum lamp rating is 60watts. The incredible Garland Light is a 1.6 meter long metal g... Read More

Trianon Petit Light Shade

Trianon Petit is a Light Shade The Petit Trianon is a smaller, detailed version of Arntzen’s Grand Trianon. It features identical texture, pattern, and soft checkerboard glow. “Bot... Read More

Icarus Light Shade

Icarus Light is a Light Shade Poetic lightweight and immaculately white, icarus remins us of the human aspiration to flight. A link between us and the Celestial Light. Icarus is a multi-layere... Read More

Bright Side Glass Light Shade

Bright Side Glass is a Light Shade. Artecnica has once again introduced new innovations that create, reflect, embody, and transform the concept light Designed by New York-based trio Rich Brilli... Read More

Themis Trio 2

Following the success of the previous hanging trio mobile, Clara von Zweigbergk is at it again. Themis Trio 2 features a juxtaposition of a multitude of color ways in bright, muted and metallic color ... Read More

Themis Mono

Mono, the fourth addition to the Themis Mobile collection, designed by the Stockholm native graphic designer Clara Von Zweigbergk is vastly different than any other mobile of its kind. Mono is a lar... Read More

Themis Prism

Themis prism is the 3rd addition in the Themis Mobile series designed by Clara von Zweigbergk who was inspired by the geometric design of polyedra. A delicate, geometric décor piece composed ... Read More

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